Same Studio. New Mindset.

After 10 years of We Are Duo, we felt it was time for a change. So, we have renamed and relaunched as Mindset. Visit our new website to find out more.

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What's this? What's this?

Being not only a Disney Fan but also a Tim Burton fan, it seemed only logical to use a image from the famous Halloween-Christmas cross over film 'Nightmare Before Christmas'... again. The point that Jack Skellington is trying to make you aware of is that Christmas is right around the corner and Halloween is almost right in your face. This is the time of year when every member of the public shifts

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Ipad Pro


iPad Pro... the follow up review!

It's the moment, i'm sure, you've all been waiting for... the follow up review of the iPad Pro. What are my thoughts now and how does it stack up against my hopes and dreams for this product from back when it was first announced? Well let's get stuck straight in shall we? Has it replaced my laptop... No it hasn't... BUT it has most certainly become an irreplaceable tool within my design process. Y

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Explore Enterprise


Exploring Enterprise

Last week the We Are Duo team had a visit from some students that are part of the Exploring Enterprise programme that is being held in Antrim Enterprise Park. 10 students of the programme called in to speak to me about what it has been like setting up a business and the challenges of running a studio that provides Graphic Design and Web Development. It will have been 6 years in December since I st

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Resistance Star Wars Rogue One


Hey... You... We're Hiring a Web Dev!

We're looking to fill a 4 or 5 days a week vacancy for the role of Web Developer. This job would involve you joining our friendly, fun loving and hard working team in our studio in Mallusk 4 or 5 days a week. We'd like to take a minute or two to outline who our ideal candidate would be. As a developer at We Are Duo, you will enjoy the freedom to make your own decisions, explore your own creativity

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E3, Xbox One S, iOS 10 and Perch CMS

Back once again with the ill behaviour... that's what I think our Podcast should be called. Another guts of an hour podcast to assault your ears has been put live on the internet for your amusement, bemusement, enjoyment or annoyance. In this episode we talk about what Microsoft have been up to at E3 and our thoughts on the new Xbox One S. We have a go at trying to put the iOS 10 beta onto our pho

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Podcast Image 2


Trust Us... We're Designers – Podcast

So it's been a long time since we posted anything on our blog... and for good reason! We have been crrrrrrrraaaaaazy busy!! That is the good news! The bad news is that we haven't had a minute to ourselves to blog, tweet or post anything. The painters house is always the last one to get painted as they say! So the solution? Well we've decided to record our own Podcast series... EXCITING!! Basically

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