We're looking to fill a 4 or 5 days a week vacancy for the role of Web Developer. This job would involve you joining our friendly, fun loving and hard working team in our studio in Mallusk 4 or 5 days a week. We'd like to take a minute or two to outline who our ideal candidate would be.

As a developer at We Are Duo, you will enjoy the freedom to make your own decisions, explore your own creativity, see projects through from idea to deployment, and be heavily involved in how a project will take shape and its direction. We are looking for someone who has a passion for web applications and is a problem solver. From day one, you will be given areas of responsibility and be expected to manage your own time... if you need your hand held ask your mum because you wont get it here... got it punk!?

Working in the We Are Duo studio is a fun and creative place to work and it is an essential part of our ethos. We believe if you love what you do, have fun with the rest of the team and enjoy coming to work then not only will we get the best work from you, but you will find the best version of yourself.

We expect you to respect and appreciate the opinions of designers and engineers, just as we will respect and appreciate yours, and for you to bring something to discussions about code or design. You should have the knowledge to set and maintain coding standards in HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP and JavaScript, among others. You should be comfortable working with existing frameworks but keen on building your own.

Growing your skillset at We Are Duo is a must and we will look to facilitate that. We expect you to always be looking for ways to improve your work, whilst at the same time contributing to making the We Are Duo team more effective.

We take the principal of being a 'Team' extremely seriously and when we hire we look for someone who wants to join our team for life... not in a suicide pact or cult kind of way... but we show commitment to our team members and we want them to show commitment to us. A developer is not just for Christmas.

To apply for this job you must have, and be able to demonstrate, a working knowledge of:-

  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • jQuery • Ruby (Desirable but not essential)
  • Server and Domain management and integration
  • Content Management Systems (Bespoke and off the shelf)
  • Model View Controller Frameworks (e.g. Code Ignitor)

Other qualities... that aren't essential... are:

  • A love of cats (or cat based memes)
  • Watch other films that aren't mainly just Japanese cinema
  • Like Star Wars, Marvel films, Zombie TV shows, and other such things
  • Willing to put up with the grandad-esque jokes and humour of Lewis
  • Don't mind doing the dishes and making a decent brew
  • Willing to fight a wasp to the death... because one is trying to get in at me through the window as I write this.

If you think this could be you or if you have any questions about this post... we really want to hear from you. If you're not completely 100% on all of the above criteria get in touch anyway... take a punt and see what happens... you never know, it could be your lucky day!

Please send us your CV and portfolio to info@weareduo.co.uk.