We recently added another new member to our team and again we decided to make him feel awkward by asking him some questions for you all to read and understand the labyrinthian mind of Lewis... although it's not that deep of question and answer session. He's another good lad and has quickly become a key asset to We Are Duo and a valuable member of the team!

What do you do at We Are Duo? I am a Graphic Designer here at We Are Duo, creating new brand identities, designing user interfaces and printed marketing collateral as well as assisting in brand strategy for our clients.

Why do you like doing what you do? I like the creativity and freedom of being a designer. Taking a brief or problem and creating an interesting visual solution to achieve the clients’ goals is a great feeling.

What do you like about working in We Are Duo? I like the range and high level of work we do here, no two days are the same. The relaxed atmosphere and team here make work a creative and enjoyable place to come.

What makes We Are Duo different? We Are Duo is different because while it has a small team they have a wide range of skills. The team can dedicate themselves to clients making it feel like they are part of the business.

What do you bring the team? I bring a high level of creativity, ideas and technical skills to the team.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to cycle and paint (not at the same time). Cycling is a good way to get out and clear your head, seeing different places you wouldn’t normally take notice of driving by in the car.

What was the last film or book you read? The last film I watched was the Martian, it’s a bit predictable but still tense at times, go see it.

If you were an animal what would you be? I would be a Bengal Tiger, I love cats, they sleep and eat all day so it would be great (apart from being hunted).

If you would like to say hello to our brand new furry friend Lewis, then you can hunt him down at lewis@weareduo.co.uk