Here is a sneaky peaky into a project we've been working on this month for a new startup food truck business called Born & Raised Handcrafted Waffles. Our client has converted a 40 year old horse box trailer into a quirky vintage food van that they will use to tour the country selling delicious freshly baked Belgian Liege waffles at events and parties.

It's a project that we're still working to complete but we wanted to give a sneak peak in and a bit of free promo to them because they have been given a big opportunity to set up in Victoria Square in Belfast on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week (29th - 31st October) and anyone who is in the area should definitely go and check them out!

We designed a bespoke identity that we wanted to reflect the vintage nature of the trailer and the handcrafted feel and care of the waffles them selves. Knowing in advance that the trailer would be a flat grey colour we wanted to give the identity an accenting colour that would make it pop and catch the eye of the passer by. Gold was the best choice for this as it not only will contrast perfectly in tone with the dark grey but it also suits the aesthetic of the brand and reflects the golden nature of the cooked waffles themselves.

We're having a lot of fun working on this project with them and tomorrow we will be customising their trailer even further by applying decals that we have designed and the final sprinkles of sugar to make it all the sweeter.

alt text

Check back to this post after tomorrow and we will add in some videos and photos of the trailer as it takes shape.